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International Communication Project 2014.
This project was run internationally during 2014.  
Key Word Sign Victoria supported this initiative.

Speech Pathology Associations around the world have joined together to promote the awareness and needs of people with communication difficulties.

Speech Pathology Australia managed the project in Australia. www.nationforcommunication.org 

There was a pledge on the website communication2014. 
This pledge was presented to the UN late in the year.
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Some of the committee using Key Word Sign to communicate.
Can you guess what they are each asking for or saying?

AGOSCI 2017 Conference

This year it is in Melbourne. May 17-20, 2017.

There are some papers and workshops about Key Word Sign                  in the program.

Key Word Sign Australia, in conjunction with all the states has an exhibit at the conference. Come along and say hi. We will be looking for some help to man the exhibit, so please email your offer to events@keywordsignvictoria.org

Speech Pathology Conference 2017

Key Word Sign Australia will be at this conference. Key Word Sign NSW will be hosting our exhibit.They would also love some help to man tthis exhibit. Contact NSW KWS if you will be at the confernce. 

Speech Pathology Australia
Conference, 2014

Key Word Sign Victoria presented at the 2014

Paper 1
What is the current evidence base for
Key Word Sign?

Paper 2
Connecting Key Word Sign across Australia:
What do clients, clinicians and communities need now?