Frequently Asked Questions

1 . How do I find a workshop to attend?

VIsit our Home page or Learn to Sign page for details on workshops and the latest calendar brochure.

You can book into a Calendar workshop or organise your own local workshop for your home, school, kinder, creche, work or day service.

If you need further information contact Key Word Sign Victoria.

2. How do I host a Key Word Sign Basic Workshop?

Anyone can host a Key Word Sign Basic Workshop. Download the local workshop flyer to find out how. 
Once you send your request to Key Word Sign Victoria, your allocated Presenter will get in touch with you.  

3. Are signs the same everywhere in the world? 

No. Signs are taken from the host country's Deaf community. For example in America they use th signs from American Sign Language (ASL). In England they use British Sign Language (BSL) and of course, in Australia we use Australian Sign Language (Auslan). There are sometimes some similarities but no guarentees.

4. How can I look up the signs? 

You can look up signs in a number of ways. When you do a workshop you will be given the Getting Started with Key Word Sign (Auslan Edition) resource. There are a number of other Australian based Key Word Sign resources which you 
can purchase. If you still need additional signs you can look them up on the Auslan Sign Bank. 

5. What apps are available on mobile tablets?

The Key Word Sign Australia App is now available. It is available via the Apple Store. There are also other apps based on Auslan signs.
6. Where can I get images of signs to print?  

The Key Word Sign App has images you can print .‚Äč